“When we started the Roux Scholarship, my brother Albert and I wanted to strengthen our brigades and we wanted to do that by sending our young chefs away so they could learn more. We hoped that when they came back they would bring with them new experiences and ideas which would make our kitchens stronger and our food better.

Over 35 years later, many chefs have come through the competition and gone on to greater things. The kitchens those chefs came from have got stronger and stronger. By encouraging your younger chefs to enter the competition you are doing far more than just giving a young chef a chance, you are saying something to the rest of the brigade.

If your chef wins you are bringing applause and publicity your way, which can rub off in terms of business and other chefs seeing your kitchens as a place they should go and work. This competition is a great learning ground for any young chef to prove himself or herself and is an excellent way to increase the morale in a kitchen.

If you have a young chef, no matter how good, and you think they could get some valuable experience by entering the competition then please encourage and support them to enter. We will help you to make sure they have a unique experience.”  Michel Roux, OBE