Andrew Fairlie ~ 1963-2019 ~ A tribute to a great chef and our dear friend

It is with deep sadness, we pay tribute to our Head Scholar Andrew Fairlie who died on 22nd January after a long illness. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his wife Kate, their daughters, and his parents Jim and Kay.

As our Head Scholar, having been the first-ever winner of the competition in 1984, Andrew embodied the values, qualities and talent of the scholarship. He inspired countless other chefs to be part of the competition and to push themselves for success, mentoring and supporting them. In the case of the other scholars and fellow judges, he was a dear friend, and to the Roux Family, he was another son. His kindness, generosity and warmth will be missed by all of us and we will treasure our memories of him.

Michel Roux O.B.E. said: “Today the Roux Scholarship family mourns the loss of our first scholar, the fearless and brilliant Andrew Fairlie.  Our heart goes out to his family and Gleneagles team.  To me, Andrew was like a son and to our scholars and judges, a brother.  But death is never the end.  Andrew knew we would always carry him with us and his precious legacy will endure.”