They’ve been there, seen it, done it… they won it!

Who will follow in their footsteps?

Here are their words of wisdom for chefs who reach the final.

Simon Hulstone, Judge & 2003 Scholar

“Don’t try and be a hero, cook like you do everyday the judges want to see a scholar who is confident in his/her ability in all situations. Don’t let the judging panel fluster you, half of them have been in your very same shoes.”

Harry Guy, Roux Scholar 2016

“Enjoy the moment and the presence you are in. You are surrounded by the most influential culinary family in Britain, so make sure you take a moment to take that in.”

Mercy Fenton, Roux Scholar 1994

“You’ve done the hard bit, now trust your instincts, keep it simple and breathe.”

Adam Smith, Roux Scholar 2012

“First read the recipe and task at least 3 times, then when cooking utilise all the ingredients you have to create maximum flavour!”

Kenneth Culhane, Roux Scholar 2010

“Do the simple things meticulously, have confidence in your abilities, at the end of the day what is going to set the winner aside is taste”

Matthew Tomkinson, Roux Scholar 2005

“There has to be a winner on the day so no matter what happens, if you make a mistake, are not sure about something, just keep going and serve the best food you can as you never know. It worked for me!!”

Frederick Forster, MCA, Roux Scholar 2000

“Winning will give you incredible opportunities. Give it all you have on the day, don’t leave the kitchen saying ‘I wish I had done’?”

James Carberry, Roux Scholar 1992

“You must stay calm and control your nerves, it’s your time to prove yourself in the ultimate culinary arena. Bring all your expertise and experience to bear and to do so you need to totally focus on your cooking. Just block out all distractions around you and get your head down.”

Martin Hadden, Roux Scholar 1989

“Listen closely to the brief given before the cooking begins, have faith in your own judgment don’t be fazed or distracted by the approach of the other finalists”

Tom Barnes, Roux Scholar 2014

“Take your time to read the recipe properly, try and stay calm when planning your method and enjoy it. It’s an amazing experience!”

Chris Colmer, Roux Scholar 1995

“The best day of my life… enjoy the experience, and maximise those flavours… best of luck & happy cooking guys!”

Hrishikesh Desai, Roux Scholar 2009

“Keep calm, believe in yourself and follow the rules of gastronomy, taste, taste and re-taste and submit your dish with pride!”

Mark Birchall, Roux Scholar 2011

“My advice would be to stay calm, practice techniques and don’t try and memorise Escoffier recipes!”

John Murray, Roux Scholar 1985

“Boys, opportunities like this come along once in a life time. You’re there on Monday because you’re all dedicated professional chefs. When you have finished studying the menu, time it out and then take two minutes to relax, close your eyes and visualise the end result you want and most importantly of all, cook from the heart.”

Ian Scaramuzza, Roux Scholar 2015

“Keep it simple, focus on the the flavour and execution of the dish and keep calm!”

Trevor Blyth, Roux Scholar 1996

“Relax!!! Concentrate on preparation technique, seasonings, cooking degrees and flavours – taste everything – and enjoy the day.”