Chris-Colmer-roux-scholar-1995Chris Colmer trained with Pierre and Michel Troisgros at Troisgros in Roanne

Winning the Roux Scholarship has to be the highlight of my career. It has allowed me to meet with some of my biggest peers in cooking, and allowed me to join an exclusive but great group of chefs who are the Roux Scholars. It allowed me to work with one of the greatest chefs in the world: Michel Troisgros. Winning the scholarship at the age of 25 and going to work in such a great kitchen matured me and my style of cooking, gave me a true focus on cooking, and allowed me to evolve my style. This, I took to Wales  to Ynyshir Hall and gave me new found confidence in delivering what I always wanted to do, cook great food with great ingredients in an idyllic setting.

I then left the hotel trade and worked with some of the leading retailers in Britain, which allowed me to focus this strength in bringing quality to a bigger audience.”