Trained with Michel Bras in Laguiole.

In June 2019, Andrew took up the role of Executive Chef at Sugar Beach Resort, St Lucia.

Prior to this, Andrew held the role of executive Head Chef of Chamberlain’s of London, which he joined in November 2011, having held Premier Sous Chef position at Claridges, Executive Sous Chef at Mandarin Oriental and Executive Chef at The Westbury.

Andrew’s vision for Chamberlain’s was to harness the unique combination of working hand in hand daily with prime seafood purveyors, parent company Chamberlain and Thelwell Ltd who source the finest produce from around the British Isles and create dishes that present Chamberlain’s customers with a year round gastronomic journey that enhances the very best of natures harvest and makes Chamberlain’s a destination for the finest of both seafood and game.

Andrew’s passion for sourcing only the very best was further honed during his time spent at 3 Michelin Star Michel Bras after winning his scholarship; as detailed below.

“I’ve had a lot of chefs come to me for advice on the scholarship since I won. The best bit of advice I can give is that if you are unsure on the day, ask. There are a lot of judges there and they want you to succeed. They want you to achieve good cooking.

I was quite lucky that Michel Bras invited me to come into his kitchen. A few other scholars had wanted to go there but he had said no because he had only recently got his third star. What I learnt from Michel Bras was respect for your ingredients. They are what makes you a good cook.

The dishes on the menu were often very simple and they weren’t trying to make the ingredients into something they weren’t by messing around with them.

Being away gave me the chance to relax and reflect on my career. We were eleven kilometres from the nearest town and I don’t drive so I either had to walk or take a taxi to get anywhere. I was only allowed to work a 48 hour week which was a shock from London where days are much longer. But luckily it was the middle of summer so I often walked into town and enjoyed the fact that I was in France in an amazing region.

The restaurant was shut on a Monday and on those days we’d do something as a team like all go on a bike ride or even have a tent at the local carnival. I was very taken with the team aspect and how relaxed and confident everyone was.

Fundamentally the experience didn’t change me as such. What it did change was the way I look at life, myself and the way I treat the cooks that I work with. I still want them to do well, to be disciplined but being at Michel Bras gave me the time to start to consider how to get the most out of my chefs and how to build a team. For that I am very grateful to the Scholarship for the opportunity it gave me.”