Kenneth Culhane

The Dysart Arms, Petersham, Richmond
Scholar 2010
Jean Georges, New York City

It's the most fantastic feeling to win The Roux Scholarship. I was very lucky that winning almost coincided with the study trip to Germany that Michel organises every two years. That was a wonderful trip and enabled me to see first hand what the scholars club is all about. I enjoyed talking to the other scholars and learning from them how they approached the stage and what lessons they learnt.

The actual choosing of where I wanted to go was quite difficult as there is so much choice around the world and particularly all over Europe but in the end one restaurant seemed to jump out as the obvious place for me to go.

My wife is from Mauritius and as a result of traveling there with her I am very fond of Asian food although I have been classically trained. Mauritian food is a mixture of Chinese, Indian, African and French and when I go there I am always inspired by the simplicity of the food.

One chef who has already trodden this path is Jean Georges Vongerichten who is a classically trained chef who has successfully married Asian and French traditions together in a new and exciting way.

I was very envious of Hrishikesh Desai, last years winner, going to California to spend time with Thomas Keller and I wanted to go to the US as well. So, I chose Jean Georges in New York City which is going to be amazing not just because of the food in the restaurant but also because I can eat out all over New York and really soak in the culture of one of the worlds great food cities.

Luckily my sister is working in New York and has an apartment about an hour away from Manhattan and I am going to be staying with her and commuting which will be really good fun and a great way of seeing the City.

I am very grateful to the Roux family for this opportunity. It truly is a one of a kind experience and without the scholarship I would never dreamed I could achieve such a trip without the financial pressure of having to give up my job and pay for the whole thing myself.

Kenneth Culhane


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