Trevor Blyth

Trevor Blyth of Giraud’s Restaurant (now The White Fox, Oji, Tokyo) Trained with Michel and Jean-Michel Lorain at La Côte Saint-Jacques, in Joigny.

I have learnt my craft in some of the finest restaurants and country house hotels in England and France and consider myself fortunate to have worked with some of the world’s greatest chefs. Their training has given me a very sound knowledge of French Cuisine, both classical and modern.

In 1996 I won the Roux Scholarship and it is probably true to say that it has had a greater bearing on my development as a chef than any other single event in my 20 year career history to date.

The Scholarship is unique amongst cooking competitions. As a competitor you are encouraged to be creative and innovative in the designing and cooking of your own dish for the semi-finals. Then, for those who progress to the finals, your classical knowledge is tested. The winner is given an invaluable opportunity to train in a 3 Michelin star restaurant of their choice and becomes a member of the Roux Scholars club. This club sets the Roux Scholarship aside from all other cooking competitions.

The club is made up of all the past winners from the UK and Ireland, many of who have now gained Michelin stars of their own. It provides the framework for a unique group of like-minded professional chefs to exchange news, views and ideas. A recent trip to Italy was enjoyed not only for it’s culinary educational content but also for the good humour and camaraderie of the Scholars. For me personally, especially now that I live in Japan, it is a great way to keep up with the latest happenings within the culinary circuit back home. Once you are a Roux Scholar you are a Roux Scholar for life!

I first came to Japan early in 2001 to open a ‘Modern British’ restaurant in Tateshina, a popular countryside area of Nagano prefecture. Although I always intended to return home to England my love of Japanese cuisine and culture and the knowledge that I had gained enabled me to stay and continue to learn. Relocating to Tokyo in 2004 I continued to develop my cooking style as Head Chef of a high-end, French/Asian fusion restaurant situated in Tokyo’s fashionable Ginza district.

In October 2006 my wife Hiromi and I opened our first restaurant, The White Fox in Oji, Tokyo.

The White Fox, Oji, Tokyo is a modern 20 seat restaurant designed in the style of a classical Japanese ‘Sushia’ featuring both table and counter dining. Combining Japanese and European traditions and modernism, with casual comfort and relaxed professionalism, to create a uniquely exciting and enjoyable place to dine.

Located in the historic town of Oji, Kita-ku, which is situated toward the northwest, within the Tokyo metropolis. The restaurant draws its name from the mythical, magical, mischievous fox spirits, the messengers of ‘Inari’, (Shinto god of rice and food), that gather annually under a sacred tree in Oji.

This ancient legend was recorded in 1859as a wood-block print, by the famous Edo artist, ‘Hiroshige’, (which we have adopted as our logo.) This gathering of fox spirits is re-enacted each New Years Eve with a midnight street festival where thousands of people adorn fox masks and join a procession from the sacred tree/fox Temple to the Inari Shrine to pay their respects and pray for a happy new year.

Our menus are made up of many small dishes that artfully combine European and Japanese ingredients, styles and techniques. Mixing classical culinary principles, cutting edge techniques and new ideas, with emphasis placed on taste, healthy eating and local seasonality. Artisan European cheeses and Gourmet Indonesian Coffee are amongst other affordable luxuries on offer.

The drinks list combines carefully selected Nihon-shu, (Japanese Sake), international Wines, fine Champagnes, Sherries, Brandies and Sho-chu, (Japanese Spirit). The list will change frequently thus allowing us to offer the seasonal, the special and the unusual. By combining Wine and Nihon-shu together on the same list we hope to demonstrate that both are equally well served with dishes outside their more commonly accepted cuisine boundaries.

We were proud to be voted into the top five contemporary Japanese restaurants in the 2010 Miele Guide to the 450 best Asian restaurants.

We look forward to welcoming you to The White Fox

1996: Trevor Blyth


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