2011 Competition Recipe

Entrants must submit a recipe to serve 4 people using:  1 monkfish tail of between 1.2 – 1.4k weight, served either as a whole or in portions, accompanied by a rice dish and a green vegetable of your choice.  

Please note should you reach the Regional Final you will be asked to prepare your recipe in early spring, on Thursday 10th March 2011.

The fish will be provided by the college: you must bring all the remaining ingredients.
Please remember, the judges are looking for balance and simple combinations of flavours and textures. Try not to be over ambitious, and keep the dish clean and uncomplicated.
The judges only have your written entry before them, and this will be numbered so they don’t know whose entry they are judging.
Please remember that the judges will be looking for:

  • a well thought out recipe
  • a clear description of your work method
  • an accurate costing of your recipe

You would be well advised to try out your recipe to make sure the recipe “works”, i.e., that the type and amount of each ingredient is in balance, particularly with regard to taste, texture and appearance.

The method of preparation, cooking and service must also be clearly stated. The use of caviar, truffles or foie gras is not permitted.

No pre-prepared foods such as pasta, filo and puff pastry, stocks, garnishes or sauces will be allowed, as all food must be prepared in front of the judges. Any transgression of these rules will result in disqualification.

From the written recipes the judges will select the regional finalists. The judges will be looking for those recipes and methods, which demonstrate the best balance of creativity, taste and practicality.

Please check cooking times, quantities and cooking temperatures carefully and ensure that your method is a sufficiently full description of the work required to produce the dish. It is a good idea to ask your head chef or a colleague to double check these for you.

Dessert – Mystery Box.  In addition to preparing the recipe at the Regional Final (exactly as submitted on the entry form), you will need to prepare a dessert for four persons from a selection of ingredients which will be given to you just before the start of the cook-off (books are allowed for reference purposes on the day to help you plan your dessert, but cannot be taken into the kitchen).

A maximum of two and a half hours cooking time is allocated at the Regional Final for your recipe and the dessert. 

ENTRIES MUST ARRIVE BY not later than midnight on MONDAY 31 JANUARY 2011

Click here for the entry form.


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Ian Scaramuzza wins Roux Scholarship 2015!

Michel Roux Jr

“Ian stood out because he showed us an excellent all round performance. Ian is a talented, yet humble chef, he will make a great scholar." More...
Alain Roux

Ian Scaramuzza “More people from Scotland need to enter. Everyone sees it as a London thing and we need to promote it to chefs outside of the city." More...
Ian Scaramuzza

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