Thirteen chefs and past Roux scholars accompanied Michel Roux O.B.E. on the ultimate culinary tour of New York in November 2015.

Every two years, the Roux family arranges a culinary educational tour taking a group of past scholars on what can only be described as a gastronomic trip of a lifetime.  The adventure to New York was eagerly anticipated.

The group of previous winners, including the first Roux scholar and now judge, Andrew Fairlie, joined Michel, son Alain and judge Brian Turner to spend five days exploring New York’s vibrant food, drink and hospitality scene.

Our intrepid team of talented chefs put sleep on the back burner, hungry to experience all the sights, sounds and flavours of New York.  More than anything, the trip captured the essence of the Roux Scholarship; the friendships, the fun, the banter and the buzz.  A band of brothers with big egos, big appetites and huge hearts bound by a shared French connection of pride, passion for food, people and warm hospitality.

This is the Roux legacy in action.

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