Past Winners

11 Scholars including Andrew Fairlie on what winning The Roux Scholarship means to them & a link to the video.

Past Scholars are now working in senior positions right across the world in top locations including Shanghai, Dubai, Japan and Australia. Roux Scholars have gone on to win a host of other awards such as Michelin stars, and Scholars Andrew Fairlie and Sat Bains have both been awarded Cateys – the ultimate accolade from within our own industry.

Ian Scaramuzza   Tom Barnes
Paul O'Neill   Mark Birchall
Mark Birchall   Kenneth Culhane
Hrishikesh Desai   Daniel Cox
Armand Sablon   Pravin Sharma   Matthew Tomkinson   Andrew Jones
Simon Hulstone André Garrett Steve Drake
Sat Baines   Patrick Thompson   Steve Love   Trevor Blyth
Chris Colmer   Mercy Fenton   Jonathan Harrison   James Carberry
Eugene Callaghan   Scott Hessel   Martin Hadden   Ricky Perrin
Richard Stuart   Rene Pauvert   John Murray   Andrew Fairlie

Ian Scaramuzza wins Roux Scholarship 2015!

Michel Roux Jr

“Ian stood out because he showed us an excellent all round performance. Ian is a talented, yet humble chef, he will make a great scholar." More...
Alain Roux

Ian Scaramuzza “More people from Scotland need to enter. Everyone sees it as a London thing and we need to promote it to chefs outside of the city." More...
Ian Scaramuzza

Global Knives 30th anniversary

Global Knives and The Roux Scholarship

12 Roux Scholars have joined with Global Knives to celebrate their 30th anniversary showcasing great knives & great recipes. First up is no.1 scholar & judge, Andrew Fairlie. More.


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