Past Winners

Past Scholars are now working in senior positions right across the world in top locations including Shanghai, Dubai, Japan and Australia. Roux Scholars have gone on to win a host of other awards such as Michelin stars, and Scholars Andrew Fairlie and Sat Bains have both been awarded Cateys – the ultimate accolade from within our own industry.

Tom Barnes   Paul O'Neill
Mark Birchall   Mark Birchall
Kenneth Culhane   Hrishikesh Desai
Daniel Cox   Armand Sablon
Pravin Sharma   Matthew Tomkinson   Andrew Jones   Simon Hulstone
André Garrett Steve Drake Sat Baines
Patrick Thompson   Steve Love   Trevor Blyth   Chris Colmer
Mercy Fenton   Jonathan Harrison   James Carberry   Eugene Callaghan
Scott Hessel   Martin Hadden   Ricky Perrin   Richard Stuart
Rene Pauvert   John Murray   Andrew Fairlie    

Michel Roux Jr said...

Alain Roux Commented

"It was an amazing cook-off. We gave the finalists a very complex and tricky recipe however the dish showcased classic skills and Tom triumphed with his cooking, execution and great seasoning.” Find out more...


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