For over 20 years Bridor has been producing high quality viennoiserie and pastries for all occasions along with rustic and artisan stone baked breads. Our core customers in the hotel and catering sectors expect the use of traditional methods combined with the meticulous selection of raw materials – French flour, AOC Charente Poitou butter and aged sour dough starters. Bridor has had a longstanding relationship with Maison Lenôtre Paris guaranteeing a stamp of excellence and consistency of product required to supply the very finest establishments. Through this association, Bridor has developed a network of supply partners around the world to furnish our range of products to the very best chefs in 60 countries.


Renowned chefs such as Paul Bocuse and Albert Roux have championed our consistency and time-honoured processes, using our products as accompaniments for their dishes. Bridor is a proud partner of the Bocuse d'Or.

Bridor is very proud and honoured to be a supporter of the Roux Scholarship, recognising that talent has to be nurtured and developed by mentors who excel in their craft. It is through such prestigious competitions that culinary skills are safeguarded and fine cuisine is promoted.


Michel Roux Jr said...

Alain Roux Commented

"It was an amazing cook-off. We gave the finalists a very complex and tricky recipe however the dish showcased classic skills and Tom triumphed with his cooking, execution and great seasoning.” Find out more...


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