Fairfax Meadow

Fairfax Meadow

In an industry steeped in tradition, Fairfax Meadow has evolved to become the UK’s largest national catering butcher and has an unrivalled reputation within the industry. Our clients range from Michelin star restaurants through to schools and hospitals. 


Our ethos is simple: We build a relationship with each customer, we adapt our service to suit their needs and we dispatch all orders promptly and accurately.

Traditional values are underpinned by a forward thinking approach. Advanced manufacturing techniques, rigorous quality checks and product tracing ensure consistency throughout.

We source our products with our customers in mind and set strict quality criteria for all our suppliers in order to ensure that our products are consistently of a high quality. Our products speak for themselves from our exclusive Casterbridge grain fed beef and Cotswold lamb to the finest game from Yorkshire and Goosenargh poultry; we source excellent quality regionalproducts enabling our customers to order from us as a one stop shop.

All this ensures one thing, that our customers have great meat on their menu!

Fairfax & Roux

Education and Training are vital to our industry and we keenly support The Roux Scholarship, this allows us to ensure that the next generation of chefs are aware of the importance of excellent ingredients in creating their dishes.

Website: http://www.fairfaxmeadow.co.uk

6 Finalists Announced

Michel Roux Jr

“It’s some the best food I’ve ever tasted in a regional-final! Everyone should be proud of their efforts” More...
Michel Roux Jr

Global Knives 30th anniversary

Global Knives and The Roux Scholarship

12 Roux Scholars have joined with Global Knives to celebrate their 30th anniversary showcasing great knives & great recipes. First up is no.1 scholar & judge, Andrew Fairlie. More.


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