Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Mandarin Oriental has for many years supported the Roux Family through the Roux Scholarship.  We believe that the Roux brothers (and now the sons) has greatly developed the standards of cooking and dining in the UK over the last 30 years. They were the first brothers in the world to have three stars each in their own restaurants in the UK.

The level of culinary development over the last 30 years is remarkable, they really changed the global impression of British food, from being rather poor and unappealing to being recognised as possibly amongst the best in the world. Almost any chef that has made a name for themselves in the last 30 years in the UK the Roux’s have had some influence. They had spawned almost year on year more chefs that are recognised in the Michelin guide that anyone else in the UK.

Their scholarship is an extraordinary culinary competition. Running now for over 20 years the Roux scholarship is so much more than a competition, it is an invitation to join the Roux Family. Once a scholar always a scholar! The judging team have remained almost unchanged for the last 10 years or so representing constancy and  a complete understanding of the family, their philosophy and vision.

Mandarin Oriental is very proud to play our part in supporting the scholarship as it produces unquestionable the chefs of tomorrow, the new kids on the block, the future.  They in turn through the involvement and guidance of the Roux family also then develop other chefs to aspire to greater things and to raise the bar in the culinary world. We have so much to thank the Roux’s for especially in terms of restaurant dining, service standards and most importantly for assisting chefs to develop and to produce great food.


2015 Competition Launched

2015 Competition Launched

Roux family reveal the 2015 competition details - this year it’s guinea fowl, chicken livers and spinach. Click here to enter.


Global Knives 30th anniversary

Global Knives and The Roux Scholarship

12 Roux Scholars have joined with Global Knives to celebrate their 30th anniversary showcasing great knives & great recipes. First up is no.1 scholar & judge, Andrew Fairlie. More.


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