Kikkoman is delighted to be a sponsor of the Roux Scholarship and supports the wonderful programme it provides for chefs.

Kikkoman's famed Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is all about quality. It's made to the same traditional recipe created in Japan over 350 years ago using just four pure ingredients – soybeans, wheat, salt and water. There are no additives at all. Its distinctive deep, reddish-brown colour, clarity and rich, full flavour and spicy aroma develop due to the gentle fermentation process which takes several months. An expert soy sauce taster can detect as many as 300 different aromas resulting from the brewing process.

Kikkoman is the brand that professional chefs prefer to use in the kitchen – whether in Asian food or used as an all-purpose seasoning. They appreciate the excellent quality, complex flavour and high level of umami which gives dishes a well-balanced, full-bodied taste without overpowering. Kikkoman is the secret ingredient in many chefs' cooking.

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Michel Roux Jr said...

Alain Roux Commented

"It was an amazing cook-off. We gave the finalists a very complex and tricky recipe however the dish showcased classic skills and Tom triumphed with his cooking, execution and great seasoning.” Find out more...


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