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The Chef's Directory

Founded by Chandos Elletson The Chef’s Directory is the worldwide culinary hub. A place to watch, read, learn, search and discover all things hospitality. We are the leading site for chef and restaurant video in the world. We are proud to be associated with The Roux Scholarship, an event we wholeheartedly support and also with the Roux family. We have worked with both Michel and Albert in the past and with Alain and Michel Roux Jnr at The Waterside Inn and Le Gavroche.

Michel Roux said of us recently:

“We find Chandos a delight to work with; he understands so much about food, wine and people in the restaurant business. He has done a fair bit of filming for the Waterside Inn and also did a fantastic job on the coverage of the Roux Scholarship educational trip to Germany in 2009, and at the French Laundry and Jean-Georges.  We find him to be creative, accommodating and professional and would recommend him for similar work.”


Ian Scaramuzza wins Roux Scholarship 2015!

Michel Roux Jr

“Ian stood out because he showed us an excellent all round performance. Ian is a talented, yet humble chef, he will make a great scholar." More...
Alain Roux

Ian Scaramuzza “More people from Scotland need to enter. Everyone sees it as a London thing and we need to promote it to chefs outside of the city." More...
Ian Scaramuzza

Global Knives 30th anniversary

Global Knives and The Roux Scholarship

12 Roux Scholars have joined with Global Knives to celebrate their 30th anniversary showcasing great knives & great recipes. First up is no.1 scholar & judge, Andrew Fairlie. More.


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