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The Roux Scholarship is more than just a competition. It is an opportunity. If you win then your life as a chef changes. You become a member of a unique club, the scholars club. You get to go on a unique "stage" to any of the Three Michelin starred restaurants in the world. Current Roux Scholar, Tom Barnes has chosen to train with Peter Goossens in Belgium at Restaurant Hof Van Cleve. The 2013 winner, Paul O’Neill, went to Paris with Pierre Gagnaire other recent winners have visited The French Laundry in California, Jean Georges, New York City and El Celler de Can Roca in Spain.

However, winning is not everything. Just taking part in the competition is a way of measuring yourself in the world of fine dining and an opportunity to meet other chefs, meet the judges and open up a new horizon just by turning up. Competing is a way of stretching yourself and don't believe for a minute that it is just for a certain type of chef. Anyone can win this competition. All you have to do is believe in yourself on the day, not be afraid of asking the judges for help - remember they want you to succeed - and making sure you keep your flavours simple and stay within your technical range.

Many of the winners of the scholarship tried more than once, some as many as three times. It is a tough competition but no one is saying you can't try again. You never know, this just might be your year. With two of the last three winners coming from contract catering the world of fine dining is open to just about any chef in the country. Good luck!


18 Regional Finalists Announced

Michel Roux Jr

“There are some excellent guinea fowl recipes, ranging from great classics through to innovative modern interpretations of the ingredients.” More...
Michel Roux Jr

Alain Roux

“The recipes we have selected are the work of some inspired chefs showing versatility of approach and variety of ingredients. I am looking forward to tasting the sauces in the completed dishes, to see whether they lift and complement the other ingredients and prove the perfect match.” More...
Alain Roux


Global Knives 30th anniversary

Global Knives and The Roux Scholarship

12 Roux Scholars have joined with Global Knives to celebrate their 30th anniversary showcasing great knives & great recipes. First up is no.1 scholar & judge, Andrew Fairlie. More.


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