Hildon Natural Mineral Water is proud to be the official mineral water sponsor for the Roux Scholarship.  We are delighted to offer our support toward the education and development of future generations of chefs, through the excellent opportunity that the Roux Scholarship provides. The Roux family have set exacting standards in culinary excellence creating a new class of Great British Chefs.

Hildon represents the finest quality English Natural Mineral Water. The distinctive terroir of Hildon Natural Mineral Water comes from deep beneath the chalk hills, in the famous Test Valley, Hampshire. This iconic brand has a guaranteed provenance and unique taste enriched with essential minerals, imparted from the chalk layers which naturally filter the water over 50 years. As a natural mineral water the taste, quality and purity are assured.  Whether ‘Delightfully Still’ or ‘Gently Sparkling’ Hildon’s pure clean taste complements the food and wine it is served with and is selected regularly in blind tastings by sommeliers and chefs for its exceptional flavour.

Hildon is supplied to some of the most prestigious restaurants, hotels and venues around the globe including the Waterside Inn, Bray where we have a long standing partnership with Alain Roux.