Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London has been a proud supporter of the Roux Scholarship for many years.  We believe that the Roux Family have significantly developed the standards of cooking and dining in the UK over the last 30 years and have the remarkable accolade of being the first brothers in the world to have three stars each in of their own restaurants in the UK.

The level of culinary development over the last 30 years is remarkable, and they have truly changed the global perception of British food.

Their Scholarship is an extraordinary culinary competition. Running now for more than 35 years the Roux scholarship is so much more than a competition. It is in fact, an invitation to join the Roux family. Once a scholar always a scholar. Furthermore, the judging panel comprises some of the country’s best chefs, many of them Roux Scholars themselves.

Sitting between glorious Royal Parkland and the bustling Knightsbridge, after a £100m renovation Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London has been ‘reimagined and reinvented’, offering the essence of timeless heritage coupled with contemporary flair and impeccable service. With three outstanding restaurants including two Michelin stars, and one magnificent bar, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London is undeniably one of the city’s finest culinary destinations, and we have been privileged to support the Roux Family through the Roux Scholarship.

We are honoured to play a small part in supporting the Scholarship as it unquestionably produces the chefs of tomorrow, shaping the future of the culinary scene. They in turn through the involvement and guidance of the Roux family also then develop other chefs to aspire to greater things and to raise the bar in the culinary world.