Oritain provides suppliers, retailers and consumers with an extra level of assurance and transparency by being able to scientifically prove where food comes from, without the use of barcodes or labelling. We exist to mitigate the enormous reputational, financial and health risks of food fraud to companies and consumers. With our team of experts in forensic science and data analysis, Oritain uses unique, chemical fingerprints to match products back to their claimed origin from any point in the supply chain.

Since opening in London at the end of 2015, Oritain UK has grown rapidly in partnership with key customers. Alongside some of the world’s largest food suppliers, we work with a selection of the UK’s best-known chefs and food service market-leaders in order to underpin the provenance of food and the integrity of supply chains.

Those most popular and trusted have the most to lose, and Oritain provides them, their customers and the industries in which they operate with the proof, protection and commercial guidance needed in the ever evolving world of the food industry. In the words of Oritain Executive Director - Rupert Hodges “When the pandemic hit, traceability became a megatrend and is here to stay.”

We are excited to sponsor the Roux Scholarship for the development and education of world class chefs. It is the values that Oritain shares with the Roux family, whose empire and preeminent reputation is founded upon integrity, honesty, quality, and authenticity, that has led us to be a proud sponsor of the Roux Scholarship.