Urbani Tartufi, the leader in truffle search and transformation, celebrates its 170 years of history in 2022. Our made-in Italy excellence, started from Umbria in Italy and reaches 70 countries in the world, with headquarters in Italy and subsidiaries in the UK and USA.

Traditions and Innovation are part of the real success of the company: Urbani Tartufi is the first company promoting the versatile use of the truffle, providing several categories of products, giving traditional recipes a new and precious taste.

A relevant way to re-think about this ingredient - one of the most important of the latest foodie trends in the world - is that they are able to turn even the most simple recipes into a unique and special dish, thanks to the truffles' versatile and tasty characteristics. Our knowledge of this product, and the innovation that drives the company, has led to new businesses during the pandemic period, which has spread the awareness of the overall brand.

We have a family history that dates back 170 years and has involved six generations until today.

Urbani Tartufi's family created important subsidiaries abroad and built the culture around truffles, thanks to strong professional connections in the world of fine-dining; we built the Truffle Academy in Italy, the Truffle Lab in the USA, and the first Truffle Museum. Urbani Tartufi's mission is to spread the truffle culture throughout the world, protecting its biodiversity. The strong bond with local territory led the company to create 'Truffleland' in 2017, a project dedicated to the trufflecolture, protecting its biodiversity, through a sustainable chain.

The international headquarters are located close to Sant'Anatolia di Narco, Perugia, Italy. This is where the company, with 150 employees, use innovative technologies to process and preserve truffles with a protocol that enhances their natural characteristics and allows for new possibilities of use.

The careful and integrated organisation of the production cycle, together with a qualified sales network, allows us to bring products to gourmet tables around the world within a few hours from being collected. As well as our Sant'Anatolia headquarters, we have a production plant in Terni and in addition to the two locations in Umbria, Urbani Tartufi is also in Alba with Tartufalba Morra, and in Milan with its flagship store located in the centre of the city, close to Piazza 5 Giornate.