Chef Patron of 2 Michelin star Le Gavroche, London.

True progress can only take place when it is firmly grounded in the past. This is perhaps more true of cooking than it is of any other human activity.

Michel Roux, who was born on 23 May 1960, is a graduate of Le Gavroche. He was born into it as it were. He received his schooling in its kitchens and is imbued with its unique atmosphere and style.

As his father’s son, Michel could only have a deep respect for the classical foundations of French cooking. The name Roux is synonymous in Britain with the qualities of French haute cuisine, but to stand still is to stagnate.

“The true cook holds in his palm the happiness of mankind” Norman Douglas, South Wind.

French cooking, perhaps more than any other in the world, has shown a capacity to move with the times, to develop new techniques, to absorb new ideas and ingredients, to re-invent itself without losing a sense of its own cultural identity. It is in these new directions that Michel Roux Jnr has taken the cooking at Le Gavroche, basing his culinary flare on his experience of time spent in the kitchens of many of the greatest chefs in France, including military service working in the kitchens of the Elysee Palace.

Time was spent working for Charcutier Mothu and La Boucherie Lamartine in Paris as well as a spell in Hong Kong, although perhaps the most predominant influence on his work is the two years he spent under Alain Chapel, a man heralded as one of the most notable chefs of his generation. These eclectic experiences combined with an implicit appreciation of the precedent set by his illustrious father result in a unique atmosphere of ingenuity and creativity at Le Gavroche. As Chef de Cuisine at Le Gavroche he matches his impressive pedigree with an equally inspiring independent style.

In 2008 Michel was a judge and presenter of BBC TV’s Masterchef, the Professionals .