When it comes to taking part in The Roux Scholarship, there is no hard and fast formula as each finalist, each winner and every year is different; some win it on their first try, others need a few chances to learn from the process, but everyone really enjoys the process and learns much from the experience. Most winners, meanwhile, have had the support of their head chef or a mentor who can guide them through the process. If you’re going it alone, why not ask a friend or colleague (or former colleague) just to be on hand to read your recipe and/or taste your dish? Follow the links below to discover what you should be thinking about for each stage of the competition.

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Why should you enter?

The Roux Scholarship is more than a competition, it is a life-changing opportunity. Every year, the life of one talented chef changes. The biggest prize is the chance to train in a three-star Michelin kitchen, anywhere in the world an opportunity that has set Roux Scholarship winners’ careers soaring. There is up to £12,000 prize money to support your career development and a host of other incredible prizes. But this is just the start: as a winner of the Roux Scholarship, you become part of a unique group of honoured chefs who support and help each other throughout their careers, calling on the guidance of the Roux Family whenever they need it.

How to enter

Tips on submitting your recipe

The first step in the competition is to submit your recipe, using the specified ingredients: all entries are marked blind, so your name, age, establishment and gender are not given to the judges. This means your recipe really needs to stand out, like Martin Carabott’s did in 2018 (pictured). See our example recipe here, and tips on taking your photos here.

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The mystery box dessert

In the regional finals, you’ll be asked to prepare a dessert with selected ingredients presented to you on the day. This requires quick thinking, but also relies on your knowledge and experience. Make sure to incorporate enough time in your submitted recipe to prepare this alongside your main dish.

More advice

Know your classics?

If you make it to the national final, you will be tested on your knowledge and skills in preparing a classic dish. Find out the 13 key skills any Roux Scholar should have in their repertoire.
Every year, Alain Roux and Michel Roux Jr cook the winning recipe, see how they do it on our YouTube page.
You can brush up your knowledge with such books as Larousse Gastronomique, Le Guide Culinaire, Le Repertoire de la Cuisine and books by the Roux Family, including New Classic Cuisine, by Albert and Michel Roux.

The judges' advice

The Winners' advice