TRUEfoods were thrilled to be invited to sponsor the prestigious Roux Scholarship; a programme held in such high esteem within the industry, which is devoted to developing skills and creating opportunities for chefs at the highest level.

TRUEfoods share the same mantra to help determined young chefs achieve their goals through continued education in all aspects of ingredients, technique and food innovation.

For ten years TRUEfoods has been producing fresh stocks and sauces without compromise and only using the same time honoured method as any high-calibre chef world. TRUEfoods carefully source and use only the finest ingredients and British bones blended with their very own filtered spring water from the rolling hills of North Yorkshire. A long slow cook, roasting bones where appropriate and twice passed through double muslin, with no additives or preservatives whatsoever. Stocks are produced as a standard stock and a 50 per cent reduction.

TRUEfoods also produce sauces, jus, patés and terrines to the same uncompromising standards. The latest addition to the product line-up are the savoury pies and tarts packed with succulent meats and of course TRUEfoods sauces, a fabulous combination.