Founded in 2006, Flying Fish has been serving some of the greatest chefs and restaurants in the UK, sticking strongly behind the ethos of delivering the best seafood the country has to offer to the best restaurants within 48 hours of being caught: 'Ship to Plate in 48'.

Every weekday morning our expert buyers are up before sunrise to pick the best catch from the Day Boats at Looe, Brixham, Newlyn and Plymouth markets, from turbots, Dover soles to offshore deep-sea mussels. Sourcing from local fisherman is key to providing not only the freshest fish, but also vital in supporting the community; mixing with the people who catch them, gives you a real insight into how important their history has been in creating the current industry we love.

The passion the team shows towards the fish that we supply our customers is exemplary, as a company our commitment to responsible sourcing and the highest industry practices are rigorously followed to protect the rich and ample stocks we currently enjoy. All fish is meticulously selected ensuring supplies can be traced back to fisheries and vessels that only operate strict sustainable policies.

Taking advice from other industries such as the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and the Responsible Fishing Scheme is key.  This allows us to actively promote and educate regarding not only different sustainable species but also their catchment methods and impact on the environment, we feel this is vital in preserving future stocks for our children’s children.

Flying Fish is proud to serve the Roux family using only the best ingredients in an efficient and personal way, giving people a real taste of Cornish heritage along the way.