Aubrey Allen believe in supporting awards and events that help make the wider industry better and encourage excellence in all areas and what greater aspiration for a young chef than to strive to become a Roux Scholar? Aubrey Allen, themselves a family business, have sought through the generations to stay true to a philosophy that has gained them the honour of serving The Waterside Inn for many years: to provide the best ingredients. When you work with the best they demand the best and the benefit to Aubrey Allen is that this serves as a constant reminder that standing still is not enough: you have to push every day to improve.

Aubrey Allen have been passionate about sourcing wonderful meat for since 1933 and looking after chefs such as the Roux Family and Raymond Blanc during the last 25 years. Committed to craft butchery and education, Aubrey Allen’s butchers are reigning European Champions and share their skill and knowledge by offering competition and butchery learning to the industry.
Sponsorship of the Roux Scholarship fits with the core values of Aubrey Allen: to give those who are willing to work hard and are passionate about their craft the opportunity to succeed.