Scott Hessel won the Roux Scholarship in 1990, at the age of 19. He staged with Eckart Witzigmann at Aubergine in Munich and most recently he was Group Executive Chef of the Crieff Hydro group of hotels.

Scott’s career in hospitality started by working as a waiter in a local Huddersfield hotel. After watching the TV show Take Six Cooks, he realised that there was something different and exciting and so applied for a role at La Tante Claire in London. His career also took him to Germany for his Roux Scholarship stage at Restaurant Aubergine (under chef Eckhart Witzigmann), as well as to Hotel Konigshof and at Restaurant Patrizierhof with the youngest Michelin starred chef in Germany, Patrik Jaros.

On his return to England, Scott met and worked for David Barnard at the Crab & Lobster, this relationship led Scott to opening his own restaurants in Yorkshire: Mustards & Punch, Café Pacific, Alfresco, Trattoria, The Old Bore & Carlton Bore.

Scott then went on to become a director of Hesselmanns development consultancy, providing training, mentoring, food and brand development. At the helm of Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels Scott continued to nurture and mentor talent, build on food development and shape the future. We look forward to hearing about his next move.