Pierre-GagnaireChef Pierre Gagnaire describes the ethos behind his successful vision as: Tourné vers demain mais soucieux d’hier (Facing tomorrow but respectful of yesterday). And it is this combination of embracing the future, whilst giving a hearty nod to the past that delivers the innovation, passion and quality, which is so closely associated with the master chef.

Three Michelin Stars & an Expanding Empire

After cutting his teeth under some of the finest chefs in the business, Pierre Gagnaire struck out on his own in the town of St Etienne. It was here that his illustrious career really began to take off – and where he won his first collection of three Michelin Stars.

Since then he has overseen the development of 11 restaurants and 13 Michelin stars worldwide… each of which stay true to the defining ethos of quality and innovation synonymous with Chef Gagnaire.

Michel Roux OBE commented: “I am so delighted to share the Roux Scholarship with my great friend Pierre Gagnaire who will judge alongside my son Alain and nephew Michel in their debut as joint chairmen. Quite simply, chef Pierre is a unique talent whose capacity for brilliant innovation is unrivalled and enjoyed across the globe in his acclaimed restaurants. No wonder he has been chosen by two of our scholars as their stage destination of choice, an incredible tribute.”

Gagnaire, said it was a great honour to be a part of the Roux Scholarship. “I have huge respect for the Roux brothers who were the pioneers of French cuisine in Great Britain. This is a unique event promoting our culinary culture and allowing the next generation of chefs to come out of the shadows for good. I hope I can live up to expectation, and I am really looking forward to the day.”

Alongside his flagship, his expertise as a head chef are devoted to:

Sketch in London, Gaya in Paris, Pierre Gagnaire Pour les Airelles in Courchevel,Pier in Gordes, Twist at the Manderin Oriental in Las Vegas, Pierre Gagnaire A Seoul in Seoul, Reflets in Dubai, Pierre Gagnaire – Tokyo in Tokyo, Les Solistes in Berlin,  Pierre in Hong Kong and La Maison 1888 in Danang, Vietnam.

For me, cuisine is alive and my role is to give an ingredient even greater presence, more soul, whether or not it is new, whether or not it is well-known to me or I have just discovered it. I transform it, bring out its beauty, while respecting its true nature. These nuances are inexpressible in words; they can only be tasted.” Pierre Gagnaire.