The Roux Scholarship is more than just a competition; it is an opportunity. Each year, the life of one talented chef changes. The biggest prize is the chance to train in a three-star Michelin kitchen, anywhere in the world. With all expenses paid, the Roux Scholar lives in their chosen location and, each day, they go behind the scenes in a restaurant they have long-admired to see how their heroes have gained global notoriety. As well as the ‘stage’, the chef’s first year as a scholar also sees them enjoy some amazing trips in Europe and North America, along with an incredible collection of prizes, courtesy of our sponsors. And then there’s the £6,000 to spend on career development – a substantial sum to help you hone your skills as a chef. But all of this is just the start; when you win the Roux Scholarship, you become part of a unique club, the Scholars Club, a group of honoured chefs who support and help each other throughout their careers, calling on the guidance of the Roux Family whenever they need it.

However, winning is not everything. Just taking part in the competition is a way of measuring yourself in the world of fine dining and an opportunity to meet other chefs, meet the judges and open up a new horizons just by turning up. Competing is a way of stretching yourself and don’t believe for a minute that it is just for a certain type of chef. Anyone can win this competition: what you have to do is believe in yourself on the day, not be afraid of asking the judges for help – remember they want you to succeed – and make sure you keep your flavours simple and stay within your technical range.

Many of the winners of the Scholarship tried more than once, some as many as five times. It is a tough competition but it doesn’t mean you don’t get to try and try again. You never know, this just might be your year. Previous winners have come from different backgrounds including contract catering, corporate test kitchens and, of course,  fine dining. The competition is is open to just about any chef in the country. Who knows, maybe the next Roux Scholar could be you?