Michel and César Troisgros: joint Honorary Presidents of Judges

The Roux Family is delighted to announce that acclaimed French chefs Michel Troisgros and his son César will lead the panel of judges for the Roux Scholarship final 2023 as joint Honorary Presidents of Judges.

The Troisgros family is one of the most renowned culinary dynasties in the world, having held three Michelin stars at their restaurant longer than any other restaurant in France. The Troisgros restaurant is set in the stunning Roannais area of France, west of Lyon, and is now in the village of Ouches having relocated in 2017 from its original site (now their bistro Le Central) in Roanne. La Maison Troisgros was first established there in 1930 by Jean-Baptiste and Marie Troisgros, whose sons Pierre and Jean Troisgros continued and built on its success and were awarded three Michelin stars in 1968. Now, Pierre’s son Michel, alongside his sons César and Léo, continue the restaurant’s success with the support of the wider family.

Michel Troisgros said: “Albert and Michel Roux were born in Saône-et-Loire, a stone’s throw from Roanne where Jean and Pierre – known as the Troisgros Brothers – were based. All four were from the same generation, who grew up in the post-war period and became iconic chefs in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. They had many things in common: their countries of origin, sharing the work between brothers, the wave of new cuisine, and the heirs who would continue their work. Between our two families there has always been a bond of friendship and today we extend the friendship we inherited from our fathers.”

Alain Roux said: “The Troisgros family is synonymous with fine dining in France. Their unpretentious approach, respect for tradition and boundless creativity has always inspired me. How they have adapted and changed with the times, as their business has passed down through the generations, is an exceptional feat. To have Michel and his son César with us as Honorary Judges this year is a great privilege and a treat for both judges and competitors. Like the Roux family, they know the importance of preserving and handing on their knowledge. To share and to learn from them is a dream come true for all of us.”

Michel Roux Jr said: “I am over the moon to have the Troisgros dynasty with us for the finals of the Roux Scholarship, not just Michel but also his son César. The first time I had dinner at their restaurant in Roanne was with my father in 1981, I remember being blown away as a young chef by their creativity, lightness of touch and clever use of acidity throughout the menu. They are true legends in the culinary world who love nothing more than to pass on their knowledge. Our finalists will no doubt be inspired by their humble and genuine warmth.”

Michel and César Troisgros will lead the panel of judges, alongside Michel Roux Jr and Alain Roux, Brian Turner CBE, Sat Bains (Scholar 1999), André Garrett (Scholar 2002), Simon Hulstone (Scholar 2003), Rachel Humphrey and Angela Hartnett OBE. The final will take place at Westminster Kingsway College and will take a new format this year. Rather than create a classic French recipe, as finalists have done in the past, the six finalists will be asked to prepare a recipe in their own vision with a selection of ingredients. They will be judged on creativity, technical skill and their own individual flair.

Meet the National Finalists 2023. 

Pictured: (top) Michel and César working together in the kitchen; (below) a photo from a past edition of The Waterside Inn Magazine in which the late Michel Roux and his son Alain visited the Troisgros family at their restaurant.