Watch the live-streamed announcement

Join us on our YouTube Channel on Monday 8th April at 7pm to discover who will win The Roux Scholarship 2024.

As part of the award ceremony, our chairmen will take a look back at the competition so far, with a recap on the regional finals and now all the chefs found the mystery box challenge. We also have a very special film looking back at the 40 years of The Roux Scholarship presented by the newest judge from the Roux Family to join the panel – Emily Roux.

Then the evening will reach the moment we are all waiting for, the announcement of the winner of The Roux Scholarship 2024. Which of the six finalists will shine through and take the title of our 40th Roux Scholar?

Photographers: Jodi Hinds (top row), Matt Madden (bottom row

National finalists 2024: (left to right) Ben Miller, Jordan Randerson, Karol Ploch, Harrison Brockington, Evelina Stripeikyte, Liam Smith.