Welcome to our new website!

Looking for inspiration to apply for the 2021/2022 competition? Look no further, our new website is packed with advice and information to help you make your application sing, and who knows, you might just be a future Roux Scholar!

With a new easy-to-navigate design and tips throughout the site, here are some of the stories you’ll discover:

  • Which scholars started their careers as pot-washers.
  • The winners’ and judges’ culinary heroes, including their mums and their grannies.
  • You can make a mistake in the final, and still win, like Martin Hadden.
  • How competing several times helped prepare the way for some winners, including Mark Birchall and Trevor Blyth.
  • The judges’ varied experience such as Rachel Humphrey‘s time in the RAF and Brian Turner‘s stint in a transport café.
  • How Sat Bains filled in the application form five years before he won, but put it in the bin!
  • Alain Roux and Michel Roux Jr‘s earliest memories of their fathers’ kitchens.
  • What you can expect if you win and become a Roux Scholar.
  • How cooking from your heart is the key to success, as told by Clare Smyth.
  • Where are they now? The Scholars‘ current roles, running some of the country’s best restaurants, working abroad including on luxury yachts, in estate management, and as a regenerative farmer.