Trained with Roger Vergé at Le Moulin de Mougins, France.

John has recently returned to the UK after living and working in Australia for a number of years.

John and his wife Didi run Didicakes, a boutique cake shop in Bath, UK. 

John says of the Scholarship: “Winning the Roux Scholarship as a young man working at the Connaught Hotel was an experience I wish every young chef could enjoy. It’s only now, many years later, greyer and wiser I can really report on what winning the award has done for me.

After I chose to do my 3 months at Moulin De Mougins Roger Verge, I was given the chance to stay for a further 3 years which I did and from there doors kept opening.  The Diva, The Onassis family private yacht and villas, The Dusti Thani in Thailand, chef consultant in California, The Nikko in Sydney, Le Kiosk Sydney, running Sweet Sensation Patisserie, in Brookvale, NSW.

The point I’m getting at is, winning the Roux Scholarship is not just about the 3 months of technique, attitude and fine dining you will experience, it is the confidence that it gives you not only as a chef but as a person.  A note to young chefs who are going to enter the Scholarship, if you are good enough, and I mean good because there is no luck involved on the day, to win is just the beginning of a long journey, the direction of your journey is up to you.  Albert and Michel thank you for starting my wonderful journey.”