Coming soon: the 2023 competition

Could you or one of your colleagues be the Roux Scholar 2023? The next competition launches on 7th November 2022, which is when the ingredients will be announced for this year’s recipe challenge. From this date you’ll be able to register your entry and submit your application and recipe. For more information on the overall competition, click here. If you’re keen to enter, it’s a good idea to check the rules to see if you are eligible. You can do this here. Maybe you want to brush up your classic French skills, they are – after all – the building blocks to a successful career. These are the ones we think every Roux Scholar should know. And if you’d don’t believe us, just see how our winners have adapted those skills to cook flavours and cuisines from around the world. And finally, do you have another question? Click through to our FAQs here.

Good luck!