New look final cook-off

The Roux Scholarship National Final 2023 will test the six national finalists’ skills in a different way to previous years. Traditionally, the final recipe has set the challenge of preparing a classic French dish and its accompaniments inspired by such chefs as Auguste Escoffier and Marie-Antoine Carême. However, from the 2023 competition onwards, chefs will be asked to prepare a key ingredient in their own vision; this product will be chosen from the UK’s incredible range of produce. The dish must be served with accompaniments drawn from a set list of other ingredients, while a ‘pantry’ of herbs, spices and other seasonings will also be made available. The chefs will be expected to draw on their classic French cuisine skillset, as promoted by the Roux Scholarship as the ‘building blocks’ of a successful culinary career, but judges will be looking for how they bring their own interpretation to the dish.

Michel Roux Jr said: The final cook-off has been tweaked to reflect today’s cooking styles whilst keeping classic technique at its heart.”

While Alain Roux said: “We are ringing the changes this year with some exciting, fresh initiatives. We are convinced that the new format for the final cook-off will strike the right balance between testing classic technique and encouraging the individuality and creativity of the competitors.”

If you’re looking for ways to brush up your skills and prepare for the final, if you’re skilled enough to get through from the blind-judged recipe judging and regional finals, then take a look at our advice pages.