Recipe challenge 2024

Entries are now open for The Roux Scholarship 2024! This time we will be marking the 40th anniversary of the very first competition, won by the late, great Andrew Fairlie.

UK-based chefs who are aged 22-29 are invited to create a recipe for four people, using the ingredients and criteria listed below, which showcase some of the best of British produce supplied by such businesses as our sponsors Aubrey Allen and Wellocks.

Chairman Alain Roux said: “The short loin of gilt pork is one of my favourite cuts and, like the kidneys, offers great value and inspiration to create a fantastic dish. The loin is super versatile with the juiciest, most succulent meat and exceptional subtle flavours. The Roux family loves offal and we will be looking for careful preparation and technique to best preserve texture and flavour. There’s so much scope here to use different styles, flavour combinations and techniques, it should prove a fascinating challenge for our would-be scholars.”

Chairman Michel Roux said: “Short loin of pork, especially from the shoulder end, is a tremendous cut; lots of marbling, skin and the kidneys to regale the palate. This recipe challenge has so much potential for creativity and different styles of cuisine.”

Chefs are invited to create a recipe using:

  • One short loin of free-range gilt pork from the shoulder end, weighing anywhere between 1.6kg and 1.8kg maximum, untrimmed with four bones in.
  • In addition, use two fresh pork kidneys, together plated with crackling and two simple or composed garnishes/accompaniments. One of them must include sweet potatoes and the other can be a garnish/accompaniment of the contestant’s choice. One of these can be served separately, if preferred.
  • A sauce must accompany the dish.

Important notes:

  • Two and a half hours’ cooking time is allocated at the Regional Final for cooking the dish, as the recipe originally submitted and a dessert to serve four people made from a “mystery box” of ingredients given on the day.
  • Contestants must provide their recipe with a full and accurate list of quantities and cost of all ingredients used. The pork and kidneys will be provided by the College to contestants who are successful in being selected to compete at the Regional Final.
  • The total cost of the complete dish should not exceed £22.00 per portion.
  • Entrants are not allowed to use or bring any pre-prepared stock or sauce whatsoever for the meat, vegetable or garnish / accompaniment dishes and none will be provided.
  • The use of caviar, truffles or foie gras is not permitted.
  • The judges will look favourably at efficient use of waste and leftover ingredients during the course of your preparation.
  • One and a maximum of two photographs may accompany your recipe as part of your entry, if you feel these will enhance your entry. This is not obligatory.

* Many thanks to Aubrey Allen for supplying the produce for our photos and to Jodi Hinds for taking them so skilfully.

Register your entry here

The first step to applying for The Roux Scholarship is to read the rules to check you are eligible to apply, particularly regarding the age limit and your location.

If you fit the criteria, you can then register your entry. Please fill in this online form and our colleagues at the Institute of Hospitality will be in touch with you to send you the recipe application form.

Please contact the Institute of Hospitality for any enquiries regarding your application.