Roux Scholarship 2017 is now CLOSED for entries

The 2017 Roux Scholarship competition is now concluded.

The 2017 challenge. Entrants were invited to design a recipe to serve four people using: One whole fresh rainbow trout weighing anywhere between 1.5 – 1.75kg (maximum 2kg) and 800g live mussels, together served plated and accompanied by two garnishes. One garnish must include jasmine rice and the other to be a garnish of your choice. One of these garnishes can be served separately if preferred. A sauce must accompany the dish.

Alain Roux said, I have chosen rainbow trout since it is a lovely, popular freshwater fish but often underrated and rarely seen on restaurant menus, particularly during the six months of the year when it is in season. It should be promoted more and its slightly nutty, sweet flavours and oil rich skin enjoyed more widely.”

Michel Roux Jr added “I want to see two British and sustainable ingredients that will need a delicate touch, precision and flair. I am also excited to see what the chefs are going to do with the fragrant rice.”

Important note: Entrants are not allowed to use or bring any pre-prepared stock or sauce whatsoever for the fish, vegetable or garnish dishes and none will be provided.  A maximum of two and a half hours’ cooking time is allocated at the regional final for your recipe and a dessert to serve four people made from a ‘mystery box’ of ingredients.  Full details can be found in the rules that competitors must read before entering.

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Please note you can save and edit your entry before submitting it. You will need to register your email and provide a password as part of the process. However, once you have finalised your entry and submitted it for consideration, you will not be able to edit your entry further.

What advice for chefs who enter?

Michel Jr: “To Keep it light, simple and above all a dish that they would be happy to serve in their restaurant”

Alain: “My advice is to make sure the dish is appetising, keep flavours simple and defined avoiding too many combinations.  Try to find the perfect match.  Care must be taken not to overcook the delicate fish.  And finally, practice makes perfect!  Test your dish again and again on willing family and friends and listen to their feedback, making adjustments until you reach your perfect dish.” 

Joint Chairmen, Alain and Michel Roux Jr lead the line up of judges and this year were joined by: James Martin, David Nicholls, Brian Turner, the first scholar Andrew Fairlie as well as previous winners Simon Hulstone (2003 scholar), Sat Bains (1999 scholar) and André Garrett (2002 scholar). Three Michelin-starred chef, Anne-Sophie Pic joined the panel as honorary president of the judges at the final.