Tom Barnes wins the Roux Scholarship 2014

  • Tom Barnes wins the Roux Scholarship 2014
    Tom Barnes, sous chef at Simon Rogan’s two-Michelin-starred L’Enclume has won this year’s Roux Scholarship. Michel Roux Sr said: “It is great to see a repeat finalist and he had enough guts to enter, and not only to enter but he won hands down! More details...

  • Michel & Alain visit 30th Roux scholar Paul O’Neill at Pierre Gagnaire
    Paul O’Neill, winner of the 2013 Roux Scholarship, swapped his post as senior sous chef at Ashdown Park hotel for a stage working in Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. Read more...


The Roux Scholarship is the premier competition for chefs in the UK and ranks among the most prestigious in the world. However, it is far more than just a competition that ends with a prize.

The Roux scholarship offers the winner a career changing opportunity that is unrivaled and stretches far beyond the much coveted 3 month stage at a 3 Michelin starred restaurant. That is just the start. It is what follows that really counts and the advice and guidance that the Roux family give that can make a career truly exceptional.

The Roux Scholarship was founded to enable the winner to realise their culinary dreams and so far 30 winners have travelled the globe as ambassadors of culinary excellence and gone on to greater things than they could possible have imagined. More...


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