The final is held at Westminster Kingsway College in the heart of London.

In a special briefing by the judges 30 minutes before the start of the competition, the six finalists will be given the recipe and ingredients for a main dish, and asked to prepare and present it.  This recipe will be inspired the classics such as Escoffier and Carême and adapted for today. Finalists will be given half an hour to prepare their own work plans, referring to reference books as necessary, books cannot be taken into the kitchen.

Finalists will then have three hours to prepare and serve their dish. Each chef will go into the competition kitchen at 10 minute intervals to set up and commence the competition.

Rules for preparation will be similar to the regional finals.

Throughout the preparation, one or more judges will be present to award marks for culinary ability.  They will also be looking for entrants to demonstrate clearly some of the more traditional culinary skills, e.g. turning a mushroom.  The chef must prepare everything personally.  The finished dish will be marked on presentation and taste.
In the event of a tie, candidates will be judged on their approach to five specific kitchen problems.